Lindsay Deutsch

Lindsay Deutsch is a violinist who made a huge impression on me when I was little. I am more than a little embarrassed and extremely proud to say that I was her Student Musician of the Month when I was eleven.   Have a look at me!  Seriously, cutest site ever full of animated GIFs and such.  I think my whole life story is on her page, and when I forget the names of my pets from 2006, I know where to go look. Did I mention her mother once drove over to my house to give me a trophy?

Lindsay and her sister Lauren have a website called Classics Alive that they use to  connect with student musicians, and to provide assistance  and encouragement to them.  The Classics Alive Foundation is a recognized 501(c)3, non-profit organization so donations are tax deductible.  The past year, Lindsay visited several youth orchestras and provided mini-residencies. In fact, she’s on the road quite a bit. She also helps connect kids with scholarships, which is a nice thing to do.

Lindsay is all grown up now, and has a really nice website at in addition to the Classics Alive one.  She plays the violin passionately and wears the most fabulous gowns. Like me, she favors the fast pieces, unlike me, she’s good at the slow ones as well.  She can transport an entire audience into another world when she plays. Because Lindsay was a student of Robert Lipsett at The Colburn Conservatory of Music , and  I was enrolled in Colburn’s School of Performing Arts, I had several opportunities to see her play. I hope that her career really takes off, she’s worked hard and deserves it!


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